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[xprmntl urban sub-culture]



  • 118 member core and support team

  • 63 artists in attendance from 6 continents

  • 29 experimental artworks in The Pvt Blackout Collection

  • 24 live art events during the festival

  • 4 venues including 3 foremost art venues of Basel - Warteck, Kaserne and Ausstellungsraum Klingental

  • 10 Pre-events including 3 during Art Basel 2015




The people of the city were awesome enough to invite our foreign artists to live in their homes to get a real taste of cultural exchange 


The local Foodsharing project helped us stock up our artist kitchen everyday besides lending us the kitchen equipment from the Art Basel 2015 kitchen 


The Basel School of Arts supported us with additional audio-visual equipment for the exhibition and the festival


Klappfon invited us to open a new performance space, Flattershaft during the festival, that is going strong as one of the new infusions in Basel’s experimental electronics and audio sphere


The students of The Institute of Fashion Design HGK FHNW under the direction of the inimitable Priska Morger collaborated to produce a fashion performance in the public space


Restaurants and cafes sent us a platter of over 40 sauces in response to the curator’s challenge that Basel’s food culture lacks tasty sauces 


J.J. Hastings established a new landmark in an undisclosed location in the hills of Basel made up of hopes and dreams that she received on social media as #eprayers and printed as a series of cyanotype prayer flags.


Indian artist based in Basel, Parvez Imam, recreated the experience of an amusement park that was set up in Kaserne a year earlier, with a video installation of one of the rides as a memory used to create an intervention in the same public space 


Instead of exploiting social media to make the city aware of the festival, we went out and bombed projections of the festival all over the city as a guerrilla activity 




The Indian contingent had 15 members in presence besides films and artworks by 6 more artists 


A traditional Bengali Indian 5-course meal was served to all the guests, artists and team members during one of the food performances at the festival 


In the pre-events of the program, works of various Indian artists and projects were shared such as the Swiss Premiere of 2 multiple-award winning independent Indian feature films, Kshay and Chitrasutram during Art Basel 2015

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