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[xprmntl urban sub-culture]



Kanton Basel Stadt (The City of Basel)

Schweizer Kultur-Stiftung

Jacqueline Spengler Stiftung for supporting The Propitiator by J.J. Hastings 

Sudkulturfonds for supporting the travel of some of our Indian and South American artists

Atelier Mondial for being home to the project as the residency space

Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council for generously facilitating the project

Ausstellungsraum Klingental and its board members, the hosts of the project and the main venue of the festival



Conceptualized, Curated and Directed by Shazeb Arif S. 

Produced by Stephanie Nabholz, Bruno Steiner, Thomas Heimann, Annina Zimmerman and Shazeb Arif S. 

Co-curated by Hauke Ziessler 

Co-curator: Michi Zaugg (Klappfon v/s Plattfon) 

Director of Design: Diya Sarker 

Director of Documentation: Huzefa Roowala 

Documentation: Huzefa Roowala, Abhinay Khoparzi, Oscar Hernandez Rodriguez, Nathaniel White, Tim Jesper Surhoff, Andre Vicentini, Bruno Steiner and Alexandra Vom Endt

Produced by Stephanie Nabholz, Bruno Steiner, Thomas Heimann, Annina Zimmerman and Shazeb Arif S.

Home Team: Ole Ziessler, Elias Lory, Zaskia Gluege, Anna Korpsvart 

The members of Ausstellungsraum Klingental: Daniella Brugger, Simon Wunderlich, Alexandra Vom Endt, Jan Hostettler, Franziska Baumgartner, Sabrina Davatz, Sarina Scheidegger, Silas Heizmann, Andrea Giger, David Siepert, Leila Martin, Margret Martin, Saskia Edens and Krystin Buch.

The members of Atelier Mondial: Ruth Walther and Alexandra Staeheli

The members of Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council: Helen Muggli, Isabel Stierli, Tanima Maniktala 



Huzefa Roowala, Romika Chawla, Diya Sarker, Shalini Gupta, Hauke Ziessler, Ole Ziessler,

Stephanie Nabholz, Bruno Steiner and Shazeb Arif S. 



Chandrika Grover (Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council, India) 

Our ArtistBnB project hosts in Basel - Marie-Louise Nabholz, Almut Rembges, Bruno Steiner, Elin Gonsalvez, Manuel Kuhn, Daniela Brugger, Saskia Edens, Franziska Baumgartner and Salon Mondial. 

Foodsharing Basel - Hanes Sturzenneger, Tilman Pfaefflin, Manuel Kuhn

Michi Zaugg (Plattfon and Klappfon) 

Chris Regn (Kaskadenkondensator) 

Martina Siegwolf (Lodge at Warteck) 

Almut Rembges (Blackboxx)

Sonia Pastor 

Chus Martinez (HGK FHNW) 

Nathalie Boseul Shin (Total Museum of Contemporary Arts, Seoul)

Mrinal Bahukhandi (Clockwork Film Company, Bombay) 


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